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Desertification Socks

1 Pair Ordered = $1 USD Donated

What’s beneath the surface?

The Desertification Sock is part of Cicada's Global Warming CollectionA collection that focuses on revealing what’s beneath the surface of our diminishing earth. Even the chameleon, the master of adapting to new situations and staying safe, can’t keep up with the pace at which the world is changing. The Desertification Sock is made from a ultra soft organic cotton material and contains a fine woven gradience of the dessert and its main symbol the-chameleon.

  • Green Color
  • Unisex Style
  • Includes 1 Pair of Ultra Soft Organic Cotton Dress Socks

We use organic cotton and recycled paper for packaging.


Care:  Machine wash cold with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach, when needed. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.


WeForest, backed by a scientific network, is growing a movement of small and large responsible companies committed to having a positive impact for people and for our planet. WeForest works with communities, local organizations and NGOs to develop scalable reforestation projects, demonstrating how it is possible to mobilize communities and restore our degraded soils.

Category: Global Warming

1 Pair Ordered = $1 USD Donated

We recognize the value of speaking up and starting conversations. We also believe in taking ACTION.

For each pair ordered, we donate to fight Global Warming.

Size Chart
For Men For Women
5-9 8-12 5-9 8-12
US shoe size 4-7 8-12 5-9 10-14
EUR shoe size 36-40 40-46 35-40 41-46
UK shoe size 3-6 7-11 3-7 8-11
For Men
5-9 8-12
US 4-7 8-12
EUR 36-40 40-46
UK 3-6 7-11
For Women
5-9 8-12
US 5-9 10-14
EUR 35-40 41-46
UK 3-7 8-11

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